Ride The Lightening: 2019 San Francisco Documentary Festival » 17 BLOCKS

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  • In some countries you can go see movies in a theater 😭 #WearAMaskStopCOVID twitter.com/Variety/status… 8 hours ago
  • RT @RobertCStern: This is a mask. It prevents the spread of #coronavirus This is not a political statement. It’s a mask. Please wear a ma… 8 hours ago
  • RT @karenkho: how are people dealing with unexpected waves of overwhelming anger and sadness 8 hours ago
  • RT @ASlavitt: I marvel that if someone attacked the homeland with a biological weapon and killed 150,000 people, the Tom Cottons of the cou… 8 hours ago
  • RT @Craig_A_Spencer: COVID19 disinformation is everywhere. And it's undermining our response in the US. Below I tackle some of the most co… 9 hours ago
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  • RT @Craig_A_Spencer: 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐤𝐬 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐤: At first we weren't sure (and frankly didn't communicate it well). But now we do know - masks ARE a criti… 9 hours ago
  • RT @treasonstickers: Republicans have a very hard time understanding that protests don’t spread COVID nearly as much as churches, restauran… 12 hours ago
  • RT @amalhotra2: A point of comparison: 2 states with similar populations Victoria, Australia - 671 cases & 7 deaths in a day: New level of… 12 hours ago
  • RT @ASlavitt: What reason do we have to not do this? What reason do we have to not throw the kitchen sink at this? What are we going to re… 12 hours ago
  • RT @ASlavitt: But when I learned #zachsmath that each of us could save 20 lives by not breathing near other people, I was all “sign me up f… 12 hours ago
  • RT @ASlavitt: But this. This I can do. I am tough enough to put fabric on my face. I’m persistent enough to ask others to do that. I can s… 12 hours ago
  • RT @ASlavitt: Johns Hopkins has a model for how many people will die between now and November 1 if we do nothing different. It is 70,000, a… 12 hours ago
  • RT @ASlavitt: COVID Update August 2: If someone told you, you could save somebody’s life, your answer would be what do I have to do? 12 hours ago